The Science of God

An atheist... in heaven

One of the major, recent stories to come out, was when acclaimed physicist, Stephen Hawkins, made a statement that he believed that God does not exist. In the book excerpt, Hawkins concludes that, “…recent advances in cosmology suggest, the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing. [continued] It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”

A Tumultuous Relationship

Historically, the relationship between science and religion has been an abusive one with religion doing all the damage. All though in a western society like ours, Christian repression of science is always displayed as an example, science has long received its arrows from all types of other religions. Everything from Buddhism to Islam have taken their shots.

Many scientists – understandably so – hold a grudge towards religious institutions on behalf of their long departed, and well-suffered, brethren.

Both claim to seek the same answers. However, the bow is now in the hands of science and the target is now painted squarely on God.

Roles Reversed

The strange thing is now that we live in a time where thoughts of science are no longer repressed for the threat of their opposing views, science on the other hand is on the attack for the exact same reason. If one side comes to a different conclusion than the other, then the process of deduction itself is their proof-positive that the other sides methods, system and beliefs are wrong. It was wrong for religions to do it then, and it is wrong for science to do it now. The argument is trivial and the basis of that argument is childish and best. Reciprocity of the wrong is not equal to the original wrong, but even more so since it exemplifies that the first receipt learned nothing of the injustice.

As you can see in this video, famed geneticist Dr. Francis Collins surmises my point by saying, “And some have seen faith as therefore a threat to the scientific method, and therefore to be resisted.” However he continues that, “Faith in it’s proper perspective, is really asking a different set of questions.”

A Different Set of Questions

Atheists (and those that hate religion) will use Dr. Hawkins’ words to prove their points, yet won’t except the other aspects of agreeing to such an empty hypothesis. If he is correct, then these people should not tell others that they love them, nor listen to music (or embrace any form of art for that matter). Since we are all godless, souless creatres, what need and purpose is their in life than to get solid black-and-white answers?

Stephen Hawkins is a brilliant scientist. Jennifer Lopez is an excellent dancer. Just because these two are experts at their respective fields does not make them go-to’s on subjects outside their knowledge.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a deep interest and love in science. Astronomy is one of my favorite hobbies that I have dabbled in as a child. Science should be embraced and allowed to come to every possible conclusion. Science and all of it’s branches have found many answers, and continue to do so, to questions that no religion could ever answer.

However, the quest for understanding God and all that He created already has an answer; we don’t have one, nor will we ever. On our time here on earth at least. There is a reason why we in the Catholic faith call these “mysteries”. I, and others, will continue to search for these answers. Even if we know that our search will provide no definitive answer.

The greatest and most wonderful things in the world also have the greatest questions. And their answers cannot be figured out in a lab or on a white board. What is a mother’s love? What is happiness? Why do this? Any of this! Where did we come from?

Just because I cannot answer these questions, does not mean I won’t try to understand them. And the philosophy of a religious book provides more clarification for those most important questions than any mathematic formula could ever wish to.

I will never have these answers.

Nor will science.

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