Slaughter Series

BOOK ONE: The White Can

Two young men from the same country are from two different worlds. They are forced to work together as fellow Marines in Iraq.

There, they come across a small village. Are they the liberators they hope to be or are they disrupting the evil men in power?

A night of betrayal turns into a night of revenge. The men have made their decision. Little do they know that the ghost they are creating in Iraq will one day come home and haunt them in America.

This is their story.

BOOK TWO: Condition of Anonymity

A would-be Edward Snowden is preparing his own whistleblowing bombshell.

To what extremes will the government, and a man, go to and stop this from happening?

The action in this prequel leads directly to the events in Slaughter & Maneuver.

BOOK THREE: Slaughter & Maneuver

Jason Henry is part of the CIA’s Special Activities Division, which the US Government claims doesn’t exist. Juan Bocanegra is the newest member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, America’s premiere SWAT Team. An investigation into a dead body found in France brings them clashing back together from a past they wanted to forget, while stumbling upon the biggest threat their country and the free world has ever faced.

From the cold seas west of North Korea, to the blistering desert sands of Saudi Arabia comes an international thriller of spies, plots, Kings, terrorism, and the people caught in between.

Many will die, but will the plot be thwarted or is this just the first step towards a global collapse?

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