Suit Up!

“Now I know I’ve made it!”

These are words we all want to say, usually proceeded by some purchase, event, or other goal being reached. “I have a Ferrari, now I know I’ve made it!” or “I traveled Europe, now I know I’ve made it!”

This is the part of the post where after talking about these superficial goals, how my NIKIMI moment is something more altruistic. Sorry to spoil this part of the movie, but sometimes the guy does not get the girl, the bad guy wins, and yes, a goal in life is selfish and materialistic.

My NIKIMI moment will be when I’m able to where a suit everyday. That’s it.

I thought the goal was to get out of the suit?

Everyone knows how poor my upbringing was. When I was a kid going through some growth spurts, my parents refused to buy me anymore shoes. When I came home one day with bloody toes however, money was miraculously found. Having two older sisters, clothing is more important to women. Plus, one pair of jeans was good enough for two. I wasn’t so lucky.

When I would get promised a new shirt or pants, “In three paychecks”, I couldn’t wait! Having such little clothes growing up made me obsess about fashion. I wish I could wear this and wear that, I’d think. That’s a big reason people with lower income wear clothes that’s a little “louder” than most. You have to make a major statement when you’re hindered with meager means! Hey, when you only have three pieces to work with, you better believe you’re going to notice it – whether you like it or not.

The music video, “Walk This Way”, by Aerosmith and Run DMC exemplifies this point perfectly. I always wondered why rich kids would pay money for ripped jeans, faded shirt, FLIP FLOPS!, and all other things that screamed of poverty. When you see this video, you see two fashion world’s collide. On one side, you have these formerly poor guys in these lush Adidas track suits with these obscene gold chains hanging around their necks. On the other, you have these Boston suburban kids who dress in ragged clothes that looks like they just ripped up their mother’s dresses.

The message is the same, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

My dad. My artistic inspiration.

Some may wonder how my dad, a lifelong construction worker, can be the driving force for my love of art. Well, all art is creation. And creation is making something beautiful. To this day, I have a passion for architecture that was put into me because of him. I can look at buildings and skylines all day. I have a limitless curiosity on how things are made and built.

Also, my dad is a very proud man who has always taken the most pride in his appearance. He attempts flash and class all the time. It usually comes out more gaudy, but sometimes he hits the mark!

And I believe that buildings and shirts are just like paintings. All these things are created by artisans.

You feel only as good as you look.

So when you see me one day at a barbecue wearing a Calvin Klein suit, don’t ask me why I’m over dressed, come over instead and congratulate me for making it.

Life is too short to go through not looking great everyday.

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