Just Do It? I Just Did.

So one of my favorite things to learn about is productivity. GTD changed my life. Life was once overwhelming; a never ending onslaught of to-do’s, wish lists, requests, etc., making my existence one unmanageable mess. I felt like I was awash in a blinding light, unable to see or move. Simple things like creating a “Next Action” list made that mountain into a molehill. Now my projects, plans and aspirations have turned that light, coming at me from all directions, into a LASER of focus.

After all this success, you’d think that the last thing I would do is change what has worked, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Kind’a. As of late, I’ve really been enjoying the work of Tim Ferriss. His approach is different from David Allen’s. Whereas Allen teaches one how to manage and compartmentalize everything, Ferriss preaches a more simplified application. You’re to-do list becomes more manageable when you do less.

One of my own personal goals was to have an American Outlaws chapter here in Arizona. The American Outlaws are the largest supporter group of one of my dearest passions: The United States Men’s National Team.

The United States Men's National Team

Getting this started was always on the back of my mind. The more it sat there, the more it felt like another one of my growing “open loops”, with no resolution insight. As the 2010 FIFA World Cup drew near, I decided to take action. I e-mailed the organization and let them know that I wanted to start a chapter in Arizona. My inquiry was to know what I could and couldn’t do as an unofficial member. Their response was a pleasant surprise. They explained to me that Phoenix had surpassed the allotted amount of members needed – 25 – and I could request the chapter’s creation! The only reason I took action was because of the impending event. Had it not been for the growing shadow of the upcoming World Cup, I know I would’ve never done anything. Deadline’s are all the kick in the ass some situations need.

The next day, I just happened to read a chapter of Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week that explained if you want something, take action and give it a deadline. It was a form of divine intervention, a reaffirmation of the bold step I had just taken.

From now on, all my dreams and aspirations are no longer going to be in a “holding pattern”. Take action, make deadlines. Make it happen. Or as the U.S.A.’s jersey sponsor says, “Just Do It.”

Who knows, you might finally write that blog post about productivity you’ve always wanted.

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2 thoughts on “Just Do It? I Just Did.

  1. Good stuff, Tony. I like setting tight deadlines for myself. They force me to prioritize, eliminate and get something shipped.

    I just need to be more consistent about applying this principle.


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