American Exceptionalism

"Progress of America" Domenico Tojetti

The term American Exceptionalism means many things to many people. To some, it represents imperialism; a world under the oppressive thumb of the United States. To others, like President Obama, it represents national pride. “I believe in American exceptionalism,” said President Obama, “Just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

I disagree with both. America is not just another land grabbing world power going through its dominant phase like Rome or Napoleon’s First French Empire. Nor is America just a mere swab of land bordered by two oceans. It’s an idea. An idea built on the basic value of human freedom and personal liberty borne in the spilled blood of revolutionaries. Revolutionaries that escaped the greatest problem mankind has ever brought to bear on himself: tyranny.

When compared to the backdrop of world history, the United States of America is still in its infancy. However, on the subject of personal freedoms and human liberty there is no other entity in history that is older and with more experience than our Great Union. The United States is both the igniter and keeper of the Flame of Liberty.

We are exceptional because in a history of Crowns and tyranny, dictators and oppression, we are the exception.

Just Do It? I Just Did.

So one of my favorite things to learn about is productivity. GTD changed my life. Life was once overwhelming; a never ending onslaught of to-do’s, wish lists, requests, etc., making my existence one unmanageable mess. I felt like I was awash in a blinding light, unable to see or move. Simple things like creating a “Next Action” list made that mountain into a molehill. Now my projects, plans and aspirations have turned that light, coming at me from all directions, into a LASER of focus.

After all this success, you’d think that the last thing I would do is change what has worked, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Kind’a. As of late, I’ve really been enjoying the work of Tim Ferriss. His approach is different from David Allen’s. Whereas Allen teaches one how to manage and compartmentalize everything, Ferriss preaches a more simplified application. You’re to-do list becomes more manageable when you do less.

One of my own personal goals was to have an American Outlaws chapter here in Arizona. The American Outlaws are the largest supporter group of one of my dearest passions: The United States Men’s National Team.

The United States Men's National Team

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The Buck Stops (Anywhere But) Here

One year into Barrack Obama’s Presidency, President Obama is still singing his favorite campaign tune, blame Bush. This poisonous rhetoric may have assisted him (barely) to ascend to the highest office in the land however, now this once new gimmick has quickly become old hat.

As Forty-Four has used every possible moment to lay blame on Four-Three, we would be remiss not to jump at this opportunity to see who was really at fault for our current economic mess and how the previous administration dealt with their predecessors legacy.

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