Role Reversal


“What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.”

–Howard Cosell

Out of my many travels between Europe and America, I’ve learned many major difference between our two cultures. The one that stands out the most to me is how quickly American men are feminizing and American women are emasculating themselves.

The Problem, As I See It

We know live in a world where being feminine, or girly, is considered a bad thing. And to make things worse, this concerted effort to shame women from being women is coming from women themselves. Men are still the driving force of making women going against themselves as they always have, but women are now giving in into the fallacy and even lying to themselves that somehow this is empowering.

Do any certain roles belong to one sex over an another? No, that is not that case. But biologically, certain roles do favor one sex over the other, that’s just how we’re built. There is nothing wrong with men taking on more feminine roles as there is nothing wrong with women taking on more, historically, manly roles. The problem, as I see it, is the full-court press of pressure that is now, not only encouraging for the sexes to switch roles, but now shames and puts down nature’s natural order. Basically, gender switching is celebrated (which it should be, if that’s what works for certain people) but the pendulum swing of bashing those that would like to stay with how Mother Nature made them is the concerning part.

How Men Are to Blame

Men, throughout history, have tried to de-feminize women and lower them to their level. For nearly all recoded history, women have been the last bastion of civility and even-temperedness . Men have always been the reckless ones, trying to have sex with as many people as possible and running from responsibility from the bottom of a bottle. Those are two of the more shameful traits that we as men carry. Women have, or, I should say, had, been the voice of reason and, more importantly, the real strong ones in the male female dynamic. If the two greatest sins in the world are pride and gluttony, then it goes only to show that humility and self restraint are the two greatest virtues. And there is nothing stronger in the world than virtue.

Men have tried, again and again, to break down a women and lower her to our poor standards. Finally, it has worked.

Under the guise of “sexually liberated” women have now become the sexual pastime of men instead of carrying the flag of what a moral relationship should be.

The term “girly,” once a compliment, has now become a slanderous word and way of being.

Women are increasingly becoming the main bread winners in the family. While it is fantastic that women are getting paid more fairly than year’s past and are now able to be in positions once only thought of being “men’s only,” the backlash has been huge. In a women’s move from family caregiver to family provider, there is now a vacuum in that caregiver role. Children are no longer being cared for. And no, a smart phone or tablet doesn’t count.

And how does this help a man? Many men now don’t feel the need to be the caregiver in the household. They can sit and play video games while their woman goes and makes the money. “But what about stay at home dads?” I hear you ask. They’re great but nothing beats a mother’s love and rearing, nothing.

All these those so called liberations of women are nothing but knocking women down to a man’s level. And now that men have successfully brought woman down to our sad level under the lies of helping, now is the time, more than ever, that men are taking advantage of women.

How Women Are to Blame

But what about women? Don’t they have a part to play in this?

For a long time I thought no. I thought that men where the only ones behind the attack on a women’s femininity and character. While it is true that the attack has always started from men, women have become more complacent in destroying their own identity.

Drunken, promiscuous nights are now brushed aside as simple results of youth or worse, the if-men-can-do-it-why-can’t-do-it mentality. The dumb, neandrothal behavior that was once the flagpole of what not to do has now become a goal.

Just look around at how we dress. For the most part, men only dress up and shower to keep up with the appearances of the fairer sex but since many women have now reached for a man’s laziness, we’ve become a culture of slobs where denim and loose fitting clothes is the norm, not the exception.

And finally, the biggest piece of blame that falls on women running away from being a women is the lack of voice. Gone are the days that a woman had the courage to stand up for herself and her dignity, whereas she was standing up for all of us, women, men, and children alike.

Sure, there are still feminine women out there who enjoy being a loving person first and taking care of their hygiene. The only problem is, they’re quiet. While men and women are working together to bring women down, the few that are not falling for the lies and tricks aren’t really saying anything either. They’re just there, on the sidelines looking phased through their massive sunglasses.

You Don’t Get a Free Pass Either, Men

Men today are winning. While yes, they have finally torn down the wall of feminity from women they have also inadvertently harmed themselves and society as a whole.

Men no longer need to lead.

Men no longer need self restraint.

And I’m not immune either. I’m an indoor guy, not the classic man’s man that most women want. I’d rather wear Ted Baker than camouflage. My idea of a night’s entertainment is the ballet over an MMA fight and I can’t open a tight bottle without the help of someone over six-years old. We are all part of this reversal in roles, and I’m no different.

But there is one thing that does make me different. I am one of the few men who is trying to tell women to stop being had and falling for the lies of men. Trust me, most other men aren’t. They want you having abortions. They want you having one night stands. They want you getting drunk. They want you paying their bills.

So what is left? We need women to be strong. No, not in the benchpress department but in the character one. We need women to standup to the lies that modern society is feeding them and making them weak like men.

I only fear that the age of the strong women has passed.

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