Calling All Aspiring Salsa Dancers

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance. I can do an okay cumbia and tear it up at a Quinceañera or a backyard barbecue. However, I’m not any good at any actual dance form. My real wish is to one day learn ballroom dances like the Waltz. However, one thing I’ve always wanted to learn to dance is Salsa/Merengue.

I took a Groupon for two dance lessons about a year ago. I naturally have rhythm and I could tell that with practice, I can get good at it. The biggest problem was, of course, the cost. After my two lessons were up, I had to sign up for so many lessons. A contract basically. And if any of you have looked into dance lessons, you know how expensive it is. Also, most places offer “group dancing lessons” as the main part of the lessons. The private, one-on-one was great. The group lessons are horrible. It’s a way for the dance studio to get lots of people in with little work on their end. Plus, having middle-aged women a little too happy to have a young Latin man in their arms was a little creepy after the first lesson.

For this, and other reasons, I want to try to learn to dance Salsa on my own. And here’s where you come in.

Who is Interested in Learning Salsa?

I obviously need a partner and if this is a skill set that you want to be part of your life, like I do, continue to read on.

First, you have to be a girl. Sorry gentlemen. It’s great that you want to learn this too but get your own partner.

Second and (maybe) more importantly: you have to be motivated. I speak three languages and I’m currently learning my fourth. I play one instrument and I am learning my second. I’m not saying this to show off (okay, maybe a little) but to impress upon you that I am a very focused and determined dude when it comes to learning. I love acquiring new talents. Hobbies are my hobby. So if you agree to do this, don’t expect a fun few weeks that will fizzle out. I plan to do this like I do most things; with full commitment. It’ll all be fun, but I do expect someone who will be practicing and getting ready for the next lesson like I will be.

You have to live in the Phoenix area. Obviously, this wouldn’t work via texts.

You don’t have to be single. I’m not doing this to pick out a chick to hang out with. If you have a man in your life, that’ll probably be even better. As long as he isn’t too jealous, this should be good. In fact, you learning to dance is a great gift to give your husband or boyfriend.

What I Envision

We’d meet up once a week and practice for about an hour. There is a great online service that gets lots of great revenues and the best part, it’s free! Go to It is the #1 resource for free, awesome Salsa lessons. Before we practice, we’ll pick a video to study. After that, we meet and practice together. Then, we go our separate ways but this time with a new video to practice at home with. Meet again, rinse and repeat.

The key will be to practice at home by yourself before we meet. If you feel that you are motivated and have the time to commit to that, perfect.

If there are more than one of you interested, maybe we can have our own little Salsa Club. If there are couples reading this who are interested, that’d be great if we all learned together.

Also, I am very good at learning. I am a slow learner but a good one nonetheless. My hope and belief is that I can also be a good mentor for you as well.

The Real Reason Why

For those that don’t know, I broke my leg and I’ve been in crutches for three months. I am finally walking now. By walking, I mean I’m limping. However, I am getting better every day. I was stuck in a bed for nearly two months. During this time I had some depression and anxiety. They say, you don’t appreciate the things you have until they’re gone. So true. I have such a new appreciation for walking, running, and yes, dancing. I spent a few hours one night looking at dance videos. I made myself a promise then, that when I was up and able to walk, I was going to learn how to dance!

Also, if you’re worried that you suck, don’t be. So do I. I just had those two classes so I’m no Fred Astaire either.

So if you are interested in learning to dance Salsa, let’s do it!

Send a message via facebook or shoot me an e-mail. I will keep all inquires confidential.


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3 thoughts on “Calling All Aspiring Salsa Dancers

  1. I think its an outragous idea. Ive been going to a latin dance studio for 2 years and trust me, that is the best way to learn salsa. The instructors really break down the steps and the figures and i think its the best way to learn. I usually go to the group classes, and i get to dance with older, younger, fat, skinny, tall short, black white, divorced, married, single ,gay, straight guys, and trust me its all about the dancing, so the flirting or getting groped doesnt come into the picture. That video you just showed is a cuban style of salsa that intermediate salsa students learn after theyve been in dancing for a year. You have to master the merengue and the bachata first before you even get into salsa. And once you have enough experience, then you can get into cuban salsa, cause the puertorrican/new york style salsa is ment for advanced students.

    1. Where is the studio and how much is it? I’ve taught myself several things, ranging from instruments to languages. That’s all I’m saying. But thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Tony,I just watched one of your videos ,awesome instruction! I can spot a good instructor. I’ve been in the ballroom dance business 30 plus years, retired, and just started my business up again ,Let’s Dance Sugar Land. I am interested in catching up on some of my salsa, ( my least favorite dance, it’s a lot of work ) I get a lot of request for salsa, I usually pass on the job, however I do like to teach couples salsa. I’ve got a group I’m teaching who are all pretty fast learners. I would like your help on updating my salsa cirriculum. How would we go about that? And, are you even intrested in helping an old teacher get up to date? LOL my e mail is you can visit my web site @ .

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